Of Sugar Canes & Cocoa Beans

What would you bring back as a souvenir from the Caribbean Sea? Two gorgeous bottles of Flor de Caña Centenario 12-year rum of course!

Now, drinking them both would probably send me so high up into the stratosphere challenging Felix Baumgartner, which is probably not a very good idea considering Felix is sponsored by Red Bull and I am sponsored by uh, nobody?

So it’s time again for… The Rum & Raisin Valrhona Fever!™ Logcake!

One pound of California raisins in a big 5-litre glass jar soaking pretty, lapping up the Godfather of Rum like a boss, yes you read it right, until they are big and juicy. More of which is ladled generously onto the flourless Valrhona Chocolate cake.

The potentially deeply satisfying and pleasurable texture of complex flavours is already driving me silly – fudgy brownies, blackberries, bourbon vanilla, cedar, raspberry and honey… lingering, rich, and ultimately, undoubtedly, chocolatey! But we have to be patience, let it soak let it soak~

I am reserving 2 of these exotically ephemeral babies for my own dinner party. At approximately 1.3kg and only $90 each, the remaining 8 are up for grabs.

“Only 8?!” You’d ask, “But what about the second bottle?”

I’m sorry, that will be for me, sipping a mojito washing down the silky smooth chocolatey goodness on Christmas Eve. On second thoughts, maybe Little Foot should consider sponsorship from Nicaragua.

-Little Foot

P.S. Since this is a once-off offer, pop me an email to littlefootpastry@gmail.com with the subject “Rum & Raisin Valrhona Fever!™ Logcake for (insert your name)” and include your name/mobile number/date&time in the body. Collection at Serangoon MRT during Christmas week only, haha… The raisins are still enjoying their luxury spa treatment in the Jacuzzi lah! 

P.P.S. Yes, we’re still exclusive, friends-only.